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What an Inspiring Story! Proves Yet Again Age is Just a Number!

George is 99 ½. Yes you heard it right. 99 ½. He started skiing at 43 years old! The age at which most people would think they’re too old to learn something new… well not George! He loved skiing so much he went back every year and has been skiing for 57 years in the beautiful powdered […]

This is So Cute! Go Ahead Smile, Giggle, Laugh! It’s good for you!

This one made us smile for sure! Remember to take time from your busy schedule each day to do just that. Have Fun, Smile, Giggle and laugh! According to scientific studies, including the ones conducted by Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan at the Loma Linda University, there are many benefits to laughing! 1. […]

Meet Arthur: The Stray Dog who Joined the Swedish Team and Refused to Give Up!

Everything about this story is inspiring! This is Arthur…the relentless stray dog who was fed a meatball by a team of adventurers and then kept up on a 430 miles South American mission refusing to leave the team’s side. He went on huge trails, mountain hikes, 36 mile kayak ride and through mud trails just […]

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