American Guest USA

American Guest USA is a leading curator of motivating incentives, transformative events, and exciting meetings.

There is a spirit, passion and commitment that our team brings to every program. From the earliest contact, through the crafting of a unique plan, to the sourcing, contracting and then on-site management of the program, we treat every incentive, meeting or event as if we were the end client. We want to execute every program flawlessly in a way that reflects very well on those who entrusted us with this role.

In crafting a program, we are guided by a principle that: every part of every plan must be the best and most effective from the client’s standpoint. We use our extensive personal relationships with a carefully vetted group of providers. Those relationships, honed over many programs and years, ensure that we deliver the best solutions to each client’s request.

With headquarters in New York City and with strategically located satellite offices throughout the US, American Guest is on the cusp of every new trend and development in incentive, event and meeting programs while never losing sight of core principles that never change.

Personal, direct supplier relationships along with weekly visits from around the world by the very best provides of accommodations, event spaces, food and beverage, entertainment, production, management systems and more feed our source database. We take these relationships with service suppliers and then shape into our unique and special offers for our clients.

Our staff is a convivial, family orientated team composed of a worldwide member’s including: Latin America (Brazil and Colombia), Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, and Denmark) and, of course, our US born members. This mixture enriches our services and our deliverables. The knowledge and the languages they speak are very supportive in perfectly understanding the client needs and expectations.

American Guest maintains its own, proprietary system and database of information on locations around the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond. Crafted by our staff, the system allows us to produce exceptional high-quality proposals and detailed cost assessments. From analyzing the request, creating an overarching theme, proposing the best solutions and delivering unique and personalized programs is mastered, thanks, in large part, to a team who work together and who pay attention to details.

We are quick to respond, extremely knowledgeable in the markets and always focus on the critical details.