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What an Inspiring Story! Proves Yet Again Age is Just a Number!

George is 99 ½. Yes you heard it right. 99 ½. He started skiing at 43 years old! The age at which most people would think they’re too old to learn something new… well not George! He loved skiing so much he went back every year and has been skiing for 57 years in the beautiful powdered […]

Love Adventure? Check Out These Top Ten Extreme Sports!

So Extreme sports (also known as X Games) are usually those activities that are dangerous usually involving speed, height and special equipment. The motivation? These thrill seekers may be wanting the Adrenaline rush but most extreme sports do involve the outdoors and nature and so it’s probably a combination of adventure and adrenaline they seek. […]

Summer Lake and Winter Park: This is Green Lake in Tragoss, Styria, Austria!

Sitting at the foot of snow-capped Hochschwab mountains and during the frozen winter months, the park is almost completely dry. But come spring, when the snow melts, the park turns into a lake with emerald green waters! By June, it’s a perfect place to dive and be captivated by the unique scenery: benches, grass and […]

Largest Cruise Vessel Sets Sail in Arctic’s Northwest Passage!

The 32-day voyage is on Crystal Cruises’ Serenity, a 1,725-person vessel, which departed Seward, Alaska, for New York City and will have to go through poorly charted waters, chunks of sea ice, and now a giant storm throughout the Arctic Ocean. Calling all true explorers, the cruise is taking reservations for 2017 now… Read the […]

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