So Extreme sports (also known as X Games) are usually those activities that are dangerous usually involving speed, height and special equipment.

The motivation? These thrill seekers may be wanting the Adrenaline rush but most extreme sports do involve the outdoors and nature and so it’s probably a combination of adventure and adrenaline they seek.

Either way, if attempting, be careful out there! Or just watch and be amazed at what others enjoy doing :). This is not a complete list by any means. We would probably add cave diving and big wave surfing among others…but #1 is definitely the most amazing!

10. Bull Riding
9. Volcano Surfing
8 Ice Climbing
7. Highlining
6. Skateboarding
5. Creeking aka steep creeking
4. Ice Cross Downhill aka downhill ice cross
3. Motorcross
2. Free Climbing
1. Wingsuit Flying aka Wingsuiting