Ok. If you’re like us you have to have your morning coffee and maybe an espresso or cappuccino in the afternoon.

If you prefer to have coffee beans and grind them yourself, remember they are good for about 6 months if kept away from direct sunlight and tightly closed in a glass jar.

If you are like the millions of coffee drinkers who prefer ground up coffee, that is fine too but remember they hold their freshness for about 2 months when kept at room temperature. Or keep them in the freezer and they will be good for up to a year if unopened.

And did you know you can dry coffee grounds and sprinkle them wherever carpenter ants roam and they will disappear? Or keep them in an open container in the refrigerator or the car to get rid of odors.

Whatever you prefer, these have to be the easiest coffee, smoothie and juice short cuts we have seen yet. Print them for reference and enjoy!